WE BELIEVE .........


    • In the Christian doctrine of God as manifested in the Trinity/Godhead where there exists a perfect unity between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
    • That the human condition is one of falleness as a result of disobedience committed in the Garden of Eden; consequently, the human state of being is sinful and in need of God's salvation.
    • That in God's perfect plan of redemption, Jesus Christ, as the revelation of God, came to save lost souls by his death on a cross and the victory of salvation was complete with his resurrection from the dead.
    • The Bible to be the infallible Word of God which reveals the characters and natures of both God and humankind.  As the Church's book, the Bible reveals God's desire and plan to rescue perishing souls and subsequently, provides instruction for the believer's growth in righteousness.
    • In the unity of the Church as baptized believers who are to demonstrate the love of God through a desire to share God's love and redemption by discipling the nations.
    • Since all people are sinners and the efficacy of the cross is universal in scope and power, the Church welcomes all sinners regardless of their sin.
    • That all Christians practice their faith in communities which are governed by particular traditions.  Therefore, we proudly claim our African American Baptist heritage as a way of being in the world that is a valid and vital expression of the Christian faith.
    • That the Baptist traditions of Baptism and the Lord's Supper or Communion are symbolic observances or Ordinances with no bearing on one's salvation.
    • That baptism should be properly executed by immersion for persons who express their belief prior to the act of baptism.  Because of the Unity of the Church, we will accept other baptismal traditions practiced within the Christian faith as long as individuals were believers first. 
    • That Christians have a Christ-given mandate to care for the needs of the poor and others marginalized by systematized human constructs of sin.
    • That both private and communal worship is essential to the life of individual Christians for their joy and personal edification in Christian character and conduct.

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