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Hospitality, Outreach & Service

The Hospitality, Outreach and Service ministries seek to make Mt Olive a warm, welcoming place and community for the stranger at our gates as well as our members.  Each ministry assists congregants during worship services; strives to meet the needs of the local community through mission projects and bring the light of Christ’s love to the world so as to draw others through evangelistic activities.

The ministries which comprise this area are: 

Usher Ministries of Mount Olive - Greet and assist members and guests during worship service and during other events held at Mt Olive.  Cheerfully serve as first point of contact for those entering for worship by answering questions, providing directions and escorting guests to seats before and during worship services.  The goal of these ministries is to express the love of God such that the experience of the visitor and member is one of warmth and caring.  Ushers serve together by age and gender groupings: 

  • Angels of Light (Youth Ushers)
  • Doorkeepers for Christ (Young Adult Ushers)
  • Gatekeepers for Christ (Senior Female Ushers)
  • God’s Frontline (Senior Male Ushers)

Hospitality/Kitchen Ministry – This ministry serves the church family through the preparation and service of all meals for ministry events at Mt Olive.  They prepare refreshments for special observances and for fellowship hours between the morning worship services.  

Host/ Hostess Ministry (Hospitality Bereavement Team) – This ministry provides solace and care for those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one.  They prepare and serve the fellowship meal following each funeral service held at Mount Olive as a form of hospitality to the grieving family. 

Missionary Ministry – This ministry seeks to reach the world with the gospel through service to those in need.  The missionary ministry offers support and care to the infirm in our community so that they may know the love of God.  The is accomplished through various community service projects including monthly worship services at a local rehabilitation facility; collection of supplies for the local women’s and men’s shelters; collection and distribution of supplies for elementary school children at the beginning of each school year.  

Fitness/Wellness Ministry – The goal of the Fitness/Wellness ministry is to assist members and non-members to build and maintain healthy bodies fit for kingdom work.  Recognizing that our bodies are gifts from God, this ministry offers resources to help individuals to live healthy lives.  This is accomplished through exercise programs, weight management groups, and the sharing of wellness and health information to ward off disease.  Also organize programs which use fitness activities to promote special causes such as breast cancer awareness walks and annual golf tournament for education scholarships.  

Deaf Ministry – Mt Olive offers sign language during its 11:00 a.m. worship service so that the message of the gospel may be received by all including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Members of this ministry receive training in American Sign Language and utilize those skills during worship services and other ministry events where requested.  

Character Club Mentoring Program – This ministry partners with 2 local elementary schools (Hoffman Boston Elementary School - male students) and (Charles Drew Elementary School- female students) to provide support, encouragement and knowledge to young people in the 4th and 5th grades.  Through an organized afterschool program male and female mentors work with elementary age students to improve academic performance and enhance their life skills.  Mentoring takes place weekly during the school year.  

God’s Army in Prayer (Intercessory Prayer Ministry) – This ministry meets regularly to pray for the individual and corporate concerns of the church and community.  Members receive prayer requests from members and non-members. All prayer requests are held in strictest confidence.  The ministry meets on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month.   Submit your prayer request here.

Transportation Ministry – This ministry provides assistance to those who may need transportation to attend worship services or other ministry activities.  This is done through the securing of volunteers to drive church vans and through a cab voucher program for the elderly and disabled.   

Heavenly Hands Ministry – Provide assistance to members during any emergencies which take place during worship services or other ministry events.  Members represent the usher, trustee, ministerial and nurses’ ministries of the church.  

Nurses’ Unit – Provides assistance to members and guests who experience medical issues during worship services.

For more information on any of the above ministry areas, contact Minister Kimberly Taylor, Interim Outreach Minister


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