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Sun, Jul 25, 2021
Duration: 24 mins 27 secs
In 1 Samuel 17:28-30, David finds himself dealing with an unexpected hater, his own brother. His decision to try the impossible, unlike the others, is met with derision. This is not an unusual circumstance for those who choose to follow their heart and accomplish something braver and greater than others can fathom. Fortunately for us, as he continues the sermon series, “A Battle Plan for Fighting Giants”, Pastor Victor shares David’s courageous response to his hater.

The first thing David does to deal with his hater is object to the objection. The best way to address someone questioning your action is to question them. Surely, that will throw the hater off guard because their question has no positive intent. Secondly, David points his energies in a new direction. When someone is not aligned with your decision to serve the Lord, opposing you with their uncreative, unprogressive “group thinking”, there is no reason to defend yourself. It is best to press on, facing the challenge that is before you. Though the natural inclination may be to defend your actions, keep in mind, you owe haters nothing.

When we are about God’s business, seeking to make forward progress and going against the grain, the naysayers and backstabbers will surely come. However, we can object to any of their narrow-minded, ill-spirited objections. Look the other way and channel positive energy in a new direction. Pressing on helps to assure us that we can fulfill our heart’s desire. It is okay to stand alone when you stand to represent God. So, keep your haters in perspective, knowing that their very existence is a strong indicator that you are doing the work the Lord planned for you.
Sun, Jul 18, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Today Pastor Victor continues in the sermon series, “A Battle Plan for Fighting Giants” with an uplifting sermon that will help us prepare for the myriad of life’s challenges we will undoubtedly face. In the passage, 1 Samuel 17:12-27, as David the faithful shepherd boy, is carrying out the assignment given to him by his father, he hears Goliath challenging Israel. Instead of being full of fear like the warriors of Israel, David has no fear of the Philistine giant. What, you may ask, makes young David unafraid? Pastor Victor shares the answer with us on this Sunday.

First, life prepares us for life. Like David, we must grow to understand that life events prepare us for the moment when we can step into greatness. Our pastor tells us that life prepares us for the moment that God wants to use us. Confidence to face our giants is also derived from seeing the limitations of the opponent. No man, no problem, no crisis, nor any challenge is too gigantic for our powerful God. Finally, we can be fearless against our Goliaths when we are motivated by opportunity and reward. Faith allows us to recognize that obstacles are merely opportunities to bring about God’s richest blessings.

The life you live, the path you are walking is setting you up for God’s purpose for you. Stay encouraged and stay motivated because each obstacle overcome leads to rewards that can change the trajectory of your life. Be sure to make a proper assessment of your adversaries. Your findings will always be the same, for truly they are no match for the Most High. Nobody is greater than our Lord and with Him you can conquer any giant. There is nothing to fear as a child of God.
Sun, Jul 11, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
On this fourth day of July the United States commemorates the Declaration of Independence. It is apropos that Pastor Victor first speaks of praying that this nation’s promises will be fulfilled for everyone. Today our pastor also starts a new sermon series, “A Battle Plan for Fighting Giants”. Taking his text from 1st Samuel 17:1-11, our pastor recounts Saul’s failure of nerve when faced with the giant, Goliath. This sermon helps us to prepare to face our own giants if only we will remember what Saul had forgotten.

King Saul forgot that he was anointed by God, and therefore selected for a kingdom purpose. When God gives us an assignment, He equips us with everything we need to complete the job successfully. Saul also somehow forgot that God chose him to be the first king of his people because he stood tall, head and shoulders above all others. We must only look inside ourselves to garner the God-given knowledge, wisdom and courage to overcome all doubt and fear.

When we are on the right side, standing with God, He will fight our battles for us. There is no defeat, there is no failure in God. Listen carefully and observe the unworthy opponent for they may provide a solution to the challenge. Our own David is Jesus Christ, our risen Savior. It is essential that we recognize our relationship with God gives us all the power we need to shrug off and defeat a failure of nerve. Do not forget that when we represent the Lord we are on the right side. We have been chosen as His people to fulfill Kingdom purposes here on earth. Never are we alone to fight our foes and battles. Though it is human to fail, remember, we can always call on the Divine to claim the ultimate victory.
Sun, Jul 04, 2021
Passage: Psalm 20:4-5
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
This is Graduation Recognition Weekend at Mount Olive, and we are especially proud to celebrate our graduates as they move to another phase in their lives. As the graduates reach their commencement, they are heading off to new beginnings, and they can be assured that we will continue to pray for their success and protection, just as they Israelites prayed for their king in Psalm 20:4-5. Pastor Victor notes that this sermon has relevance for all of us, as we are all in the process of graduating from something in our individual lives.

Our pastor lays out the content of our communal prayer for our graduates. We first pray that God will grant them the desires of their hearts. We trust that their prayers are aligned with God’s heart and His will for their lives. We also pray that God will fulfill their plans. Though they may experience frustration because of plans that do not come to fruition on their schedule, they must come to the realization that time and sacrifice are necessary in order to reap the grand harvest.

We also pray that God will answer their petitions. We are granted the freedom to ask for anything because of the intimacy of our relationship with Him. Therefore, do not be afraid to boldly ask for whatever it is that you desire. Know that as you succeed and achieve, your community will continue to embrace you and celebrate with you. Your victories and successes belong to all of us because we all belong to God. Dear Graduates, our prayer for you is that God grants you the desires of your hearts, that He fulfills your plans, and He answers all your petitions. Be very sure that they are aligned with Him, and we will always celebrate along with you. We will shout the victory in the name of our Almighty Savior. A hearty congratulations for this proud achievement for yourselves and for all of us! And just keep on marching behind the banner of our Lord!
Sun, Jun 27, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
This Sunday is significant not only because it marks the summer solstice, the beginning of our longest, sunniest and hottest days; it is also the day we set aside to honor fatherhood. Today is special as well because we have been gifted with a sermon that is universal to all. In Genesis 37:1-11, Joseph has two dreams that will direct him through the turbulence that lies ahead. Pastor Victor reminds us of the importance of giving the young the capacity to dream dreams that have the power to see beyond limitations. He also broadens our minds to consider how vital it is for everyone to dream of a brighter future.

A dream is a powerful and profound gift that firstly creates detachment. Dreams can reveal what should be eliminated from your life for the realization of your God-given purpose. Naysayers have no role in helping you grow into your greatness. Secondly, this gift provides direction. Though you may be living an existence mired in trouble, low expectations and underachievement, dreams give you a glimpse of and help clear the path to what can be, indeed, what will be. Lastly, dreams create attachment. They help us imagine endless possibilities and encourage us to pursue the same. Things will get better. Our tomorrows will be better days.

Remember fathers, the best gift you can give a child is your love and the capacity to dream. Allow them to have the freedom to pursue their vision wholeheartedly. Take care not to shatter dreams, for dreams are one of the ways that God reveals to us His plans for our lives. ‘What if’ dreams keep us afloat through the storms of life and help us hold on a little while longer. Keep on dreaming audacious dreams because they are truly gifts that create detachment, provide direction and create attachment. Dreams allow us to see beyond the horizon to the glorious future God wants us to live.
Sun, Jun 06, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
This holiday weekend we pause to honor, mourn and remember military personnel who have died serving our country. We will never forget those who have given their all for this nation. In today’s text, Malachi 3:16-18, God reminded His people that they would be remembered and spared. His people will see a distinction between the righteous and the unrighteous. Pastor Victor’s sermon reminds us that though we may experience anguish watching evildoers prosper and seemingly benefit from their wicked ways, God still has a book of remembrance.

In the book of remembrance, God is making keen observations and taking copious notes. He is aware of the goodhearted and those who are wicked. Because God is sovereign, He is always in charge. The text tells us that God spares the righteous. He will always provide protection from the dangers before us and those that are unseen. When things we desire are delayed or withheld, that is God’s way of shielding us from that which will do us harm.

When God acts, there will indeed be a resolution of this conflict between good and evil. We ourselves will then have the gifts of discernment and knowledge. Until God moves, we must co-exist with the unrighteous. That is alright because we can be very sure that our God will ultimately move on our behalf. God remembers and He never forgets that we belong to Him. The Lord knows our hearts and He will keep on saving us, redeeming us, and loving us.
Sun, May 30, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
As we are now fifty days past Easter, today we joyfully commemorate the Birthday of the Church. This significant day is known as Pentecost Sunday. In the text, Zechariah 4:1-7, Zerubbabel, head of the exiled Jews, receives a message from the Lord. Although this leader did not possess the power nor the might to complete the task before him, there was a greater force at work. The force of the Holy Spirit of God can accomplish anything. In this sermon, Pastor Victor points out three things the Lord’s spirit does for all of us.

First, the Holy Spirit performs the unimaginable. By His spirit complete restorations and inspiring comebacks can be achieved. Burdens can be lifted, the sick can be made well, and the disconsolate can be consoled. Secondly, God creates for us encounters. In His temple we are able to communicate with the Lord. When we least expect it, He will be there, so do not lose hope. Expect the unexpected. Finally, the Spirit of the Lord facilitates empowerment. By His Spirit we are all empowered to finish our assigned tasks. Others may seem to possess more power and might than we will ever know, however, their status and position can never match the Lord’s Spirit within us.

The harrowing times we are moving through, the absolute abuses of power we have witnessed, and the recovery that sometimes seems too sluggish, can leave us with a sense of despair and helplessness. Cheer up my beloved, for there is always a greater force moving in our lives. This divine force is not power, nor is it might. Most assuredly, it is the force of the ever-present Holy Spirit -- performing the unimaginable, creating encounters and facilitating empowerment designed for each of us to fulfill our own unique earthly purpose.
Sun, May 16, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Even in times like these we can be very sure of God’s goodness, holding on to Him to anchor us just as He steadied King David. Today Pastor Victor takes his text from Psalm 27: 13-14, and truly this is a passage that we can keep in our hearts during this woefully distressing and persistently challenging point in our collective lives. We are living with such unrelenting crises that we may nearly faint in order to preserve ourselves. But never fear; this scripture helps to sustain us in our weakness, all the while reminding us to remain of good courage.

There are two things in the text the pastor tells us will keep us from losing consciousness, or staying woke, while we are waiting on God. The first is believing that we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Through eyes of faith, we see something different than the reality before us. Our own faith-filled perception protects us in times of trouble.

The second thing that keeps us from fainting is not at all complex. Verse 14 of Psalm 27 says, “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.” While we are waiting, we are to stay encouraged knowing that God is always doing something on our behalf. The bible and our own experience teach us that we will see His goodness in the Lord’s earthly kingdom.

By looking through the lens of faith, our vision is clearer than we can see with our human eyes. We have the ability to see something better than the current situation. We know of God’s good nature and character, and therefore we stay encouraged as we wait on the Lord. He will strengthen our heart to endure whatever life has in store for us. Be confident of God’s blessings to come in this life, for most assuredly they are on the way.
Sun, May 09, 2021
Passage: John 11:45-53
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Today Pastor Victor concludes his uplifting sermon series, “Postlude to the Resurrection”. He takes his text from John 11:45-53, in which those with Mary saw that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead and they believed in Him. They witnessed that God is able to give life even to things that have been pronounced dead. Lazarus’s very existence is proof positive of the miracle-working power of God. p.

Lazarus’s existence after his death is not only a true testament to Him, it is also a tangible testimony for the entire community to witness. Most certainly their faith was strengthened and fortified through the clear evidence and undeniable facts. We are encouraged to look back over our own lives in order to recognize that we are both a testament and a testimony to the Lord, as well. Undoubtedly, we have endured perilous, frightening and dark times. Yet here we stand only because God is able.

The way we live our lives is testament and testimony to what God is capable of. When others can see for themselves how God restores, renews and rejuvenates, they too come to Jesus to be transformed. They too want the new life that only the Lord’s power can give.

The Lord has transformative, restorative, re-energizing power. We can make a global impact and accomplish great things when we stay connected to the vine, Jesus Christ. So, watch out world for only the Lord’s power can manage us. Because His glorious power can give new life, we live authentically. We live with no fear!
Sun, Apr 18, 2021
Passage: John 11:38-44
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
As we are now experiencing the postlude to the glorious resurrection, it is time for us to consider what we as Christians are to do with our recent liberation from our own confinement. Taking his text from the eleventh chapter of John, verses 38-44, today Pastor Victor hones in on Jesus’ command directed at Lazarus to come out of his tomb. The sermon reveals to us the liberation strategy Jesus provides in this passage of scripture. This is a proven strategy to which we can adhere to live freely, as well.

Jesus not only tells Lazarus to come out of his burial place, He also tells those engaged in entombing Lazarus to unbind him, to loose him. Even after a life-altering encounter with Jesus, acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior, the Christian community may continue to confine us and limit someone’s ability to live as God intends. Jesus further directs us to let go of the past that can no longer define who we are. God intends for us to live for a unique purpose and give Him the glory.

The real work of the church is to employ the liberation strategy that Jesus designed, allowing all to be loosed from that which keeps us imprisoned in the decaying, dead places in our lives. When we unravel ourselves from the past by letting go and encouraging others to do the same, we are all liberated. God’s goodness shines through us, and truly we become beacons of hope; we become the light of the world.

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